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Washington State History Museum

The Imagination Story of “Washington My Home.”

The objective of this project was to renew and refresh a main floor gallery within the Great Hall of Washington History, with a new focus on telling the compelling stories of immigrants to Washington State. Set inside a space designed to evoke the feeling of a 19th century railway station, surrounded by a 15-foot high light box representing exterior windows, the exhibit contains a diverse array of artifacts and interpretation, artfully displayed in numerous ways. The immigrants’ stories are communicated through imagery, graphics, text panels, audio/visual and lighting coordinated displays, as well as multiple interactives, many of which are housed inside of two over-sized luggage carts, stacked with vintage suitcases and trunks. Various components of this exhibit also invite the visitor to engage directly and share their own stories, by marking their birthplace on a large world map, or voting for the reason that brought them to Washington, or writing an electronic “postcard” on vintage style typewriters to appear on a large wall screen for other guests to enjoy.

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