Seattle, WA






Topical Representation of Mount Rainier

CRĒO was presented with the opportunity to produce a unique placemaking feature for the lobby of Tableau’s newest building. The piece was designed to represent a topographical map of Mount Rainier flipped upside down and poured into the space. The unit, dubbed “Contours”, is 52 feet long and 10 feet deep consisting of 18 separate, flowing rings suspended from the ceiling in various elevations. The units were constructed in 144 separate and unique sections that were treated with a faux wood grain finish and filled with LED lighting. The sections snapped together using a custom method developed by CRĒO. In addition to the detailed craftsmanship and artistic finish entailed in the fabrication process, the design engineering and logistics of the installation process were equally demanding, requiring CRĒO to leverage several areas of expertise within the company to complete the work.



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