S.H.E.D Funnelator



Winnipeg, Canada


Centre Venture Development Corp



Shawn English Stantec Vibe

As members of the design team that helped the city of Winnipeg envision an 11-block sports, hospitality and entertainment district (SHED), Stantec ViBE was responsible for designing various public realm, streetscape and sculptural elements throughout the SHED. Stantec ViBE’s 20+ year relationship with CRĒO ‘s very capable engineers, fabricators and artists allowed our group to confidently recommend CRĒO when it came time to find a full-service fabricator to engineer, test, construct, and install the very complex, urban light fixtures and a Dynamic District Marker deployed throughout the SHED. CRĒO ‘s commitment to quality, honesty and integrity never wavered throughout a very complicated, cross-border design-build process. CRĒO ‘s attention to detail and love of their craft is evident in every piece that leaves their shop. CRĒO consistently brings our game up!

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