Rufus, Obidos, & Wainwright



Seattle, WA



Marissa LaDuke B+H

CREO was our fabrication partner for Rufus, a post occupancy project that entailed modifying complex existing architectural features and engineering new dimensional features that fit seamlessly in the same space. There are many beautifully executed moments in this project, but when it came to fabricating our origami inspired animal busts success hinged on the technical skill and artful sensitivity of CREOs fabrication team – we couldn’t have done it without them. CREO met the technical challenges head on and exceeded our expectations for thoughtful collaboration throughout the project.

The EGD concept for Obidos celebrates cryptography, or the science of cracking codes. Every graphic instance in this project is a solvable puzzle featuring various types of codes and ciphers throughout. When selecting a fabricator for this inherently challenging design build we were thrilled to work with CREO. Their expertise was critical in developing the functionality of some very complex tactile and operable puzzles and they did an excellent job communicating physical solutions to abstract ideas, understanding the required functionality of each puzzle, suggesting alternate materials and fabrication methods where needed, and working hand in hand with us to efficiently and expertly achieve a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

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