Cars Land



Anaheim, CA




Walt Disney Imagineering


Nothing Left to the Imagination

Included in the scopes that CRĒO produced for Cars Land were marquee signs for the featured attraction, Radiator Springs Racers, and various elements for other venues such as Towmater’s Jamboree, Ramones, Fillmores Fuel, and Radiator Springs Curios. Also in CRĒO’s scope, were queuing signs for various attractions. Providing graphic  and themed elements, for so many venues, required CRĒO to utilize many materials and fabrication techniques. Various forms of composite materials, such as molded and cast fiberglass were utilized throughout Cars Land, but also many large pieces were built with topically applied polygem material over structural substrates. In most cases, CRĒO’s artisans applied hand painted finishes to replicate wood and other natural materials.

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