Troy Block

Project Details

Owner: Seattle Based Tech Company
Designer: IA Interior Architects
GC: Lease Crutcher Lewis
Location: South Lake Union, WA

About The Project

“Our team at Interior Architects was inspired to create an office space in the spirit of an arcade market. Each level features fictional interpretations of brick and mortar storefronts derived from traditional shopping departments and vendors. Curiosities abound on every floor, and we wanted the end user to have fun discovering each “shop’s” unique story. CREO is the reason this project was so successful. Their attention to detail, as a whole, is unparalleled. Every step of the process was thoughtful, exciting, and we became like a family because of the open dialogue through every phase of the project. High standards and commitment to the design vision is where CREO shines, and it was a dream to partner with this team. I could only hope for more collaborations in the future.”

Rosie Alyea
 Environmental Graphic Designer