The Charlie Cart Project

Project Details

Owner: The Charlie Cart Project
Location: Various

About The Project

The Charlie Cart Project is an integrated educational program that extends core curriculum lessons to enable a hands-on food, cooking and nutrition component by use of fully operational mobile kitchens.  These mobile kitchens, or Charlie Carts, are used in museums and public spaces, as well as in schools and other institutions. 

CRĒO was recently engaged by The Charlie Cart Project to help redesign their original prototype and build a newer, more elegant, efficient and sturdy version that would hold up to frequent use, be simple to operate by instructors, be safe for children and be well engineered to store 250 pieces of kitchen equipment.  Each component, from the functional plumbing, drainage and water collection concerns, to electrical compartments and connections for cooktop, microwave and mixer down to a perfect home for every last spoon was meticulously designed, engineered and tested to meet CRĒO’s standards for quality and production efficiency.